TWPZ African Savannah Safari

LocationDubbo, NSW
ClientTaronga Conservation Society, Australia
Project Duration2015-2016

CONTEXT in conjunction with Jackson Teece Architects was engaged to prepare the landscape concept and construction documentation plans for the African Savannah Safari Experience at Dubbo Zoo. This involved an upscale vehichle experience allowing visitors to be immersed into the wilds of the African Savannah.

Special care and attention was given to the landscape of the open range exhibit to provide the optimum environmental and habitat needs for each animal. Landscape played an important role in ensuring containment and operational requirements were nestled into the surrounding environment. The landscape design was carefully considered to ensure optimum viewing, animal health and safety.

A planting palette of predominantly indigenous plants that characterise the Savannah landscape were used throughout, except where specific plants were required for dietary reasons.

The exhibit was designed to enhance the Zoo’s focus of Visitor Experience and Learning.

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