Taronga Zoo - Chimpanzee Exhibit Refurbishment

Location Mosman, Sydney NSW
Client Taronga Zoo
Project Phase Concept Design to Construction Implementation
Project Duration 2008 - 2011

Following work on several previous successful exhibits at Taronga Zoo, CONTEXT was engaged to provide the landscaping design for the Chimpanzee Exhibit refurbishment.

The key project objectives were to create an enriched environment for the chimpanzees and to enhance the viewing experience for visitors with improved access and visibility while providing shade and visual relief for the exhibit.

Safety and maintaining the health of the animals was a fundamental driver of the design. CONTEXT worked closely with the Project Team to deliver a result that provides a physically and mentally enriching environment while facilitating the delicate and complex social hierarchy of the animals.

Sustainable initiatives include the re-use of site materials, reduction of water use by choosing a palette of native plants and vastly improved energy efficiency within the built structure.

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