Emirates Luxury Resort, Wolgan Valley

Location Wolgan Valley, NSW
Client Coffey Projects (Australia) Pty Ltd
Project Phase Concept to Construction
Project Duration 2005 - 2009

The Landscape Vision for the luxury Resort was to create a natural landscape that enhances the site’s natural beauty and highlights the exceptional cliff backdrop and views of the Wolgan Valley.

The focus on eco-tourism and appreciation of the Australian environment strongly influenced the landscape design response, which highlights as its key themes: environmental stewardship, ecological integrity, biodiversity and protecting the values of the adjacent Blue Mountains National Park and World Heritage site.

Using native trees, shrubs and natural grasses, the resort landscape is designed to be self sustaining and provides a welcome microclimate for guests. A variety of precincts add to the landscape mosaic including the recreation pool terrace, spa fernery, villa landscapes, creek landscape, stables, and restored orchard and grounds surrounding the 1834 homestead

CONTEXT was involved in the project from its inception in 2005 to the opening in October 2009.

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