Ballast Point Park

Location Birchgrove, NSW
Client Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

Year 2003 - 2006

CONTEXT collaborated on the master plan for a new park on one of Sydney’s most significant harbour headlands. Located on the former Caltex site at the tip of the Birchgrove Peninsula, the design for the 2.5ha site enhances the water/land interface, providing greater access to the water and making a significant regional contribution to the existing necklace of harbour side parks.

The master plan presents a variety of spatial experiences, essentially passive, within a bushland setting. The interpretive design seeks to incorporate the most salient features of the site while maintaining certain characteristic traits found in its former uses, including: the simple engineering approach to topography found during the Caltex era; the siting of villa ‘Menevia’; and the sense of harbour side bushland found on the site in pre-European times.

The project won the AILA Award for Excellence 2005.

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