Renwick Village Landscape

Location Mittagong, NSW
Client Landcom
Project Duration 2006 - Present

CONTEXT was commissioned by Landcom to prepare landscape designs of the public open space and streetscapes for Renwick, a residential estate south of Sydney.

A thorough investigation of the site constraints and opportunities was undertaken, including a review of the existing masterplan and extensive stakeholder consultation.

Design principles and conceptual designs were developed to provide colourful streetscapes, diverse and functional riparian corridors, flora and fauna habitats, and a village heart that reflects and interprets the site’s heritage, rural character, surrounding landscape and community associations. Historic elements on the site have be retained and adapted for re-use to reinforce Renwick’s historic and unique identity.

Sustainable initiatives and WSUD principles have been incorporated in the form of rain gardens, swaled verges, detention basins and creek rehabilitation works. This especially important for this site as Renwick lies within the Sydney Water Catchment area. Staged construction is currently under way.

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