1-5 Kent Rd, Mascot 2

Location Mascot NSW
Client Meriton
Year 2015

The 1-5 Kent Road residential development by Turner Studio contains various communal open-spaces for residents including a generous linear park at street level and a series of rooftop courtyards.

Context’s proposed landscape design for the linear park involves a series of spaces for active recreation and passive amenity. A large raised lawn allows for the build up of soil on either side to ensure sufficient depth for tree and shrub planting above the basement. Strips of massed planting ensures adequate screening between the ground level apartments and the communal open space, whilst rows of deciduous trees offer shading in the summer and allows sunlight through in the winter. A central plaza space offers passive seating amenity and feature accent planting.

The primary rooftop courtyard on level 4 also offers a mixture of passive and active recreational amenity. Large paved seated areas are sheltered under pergola structures offering gathering spaces for small groups. Turf mounds alongside a sandpit equipped with timber stepping logs encourages children to play and socialize in the central turf zone.

Feature planting frames the various spatial zones of the rooftop courtyards, ensuring privacy and adding visual interest through a range of textures and colours. Trees are planted in mounded soil beds or housed in feature planters where soil depth is insufficient.

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