Gosford Mixed Use Redevelopment

LocationGosford, NSW
Client Lederer Group
Project Duration2015

The design for the Gosford Mixed Use Redevelopment provides a Central Coast Gully rainforest in the public domain which cascades down from East to West through the heart of the development. An informal walking path through the rainforest contrasts with the paved plaza surrounding. A large turfed area at the street frontage helps to link the development with Kibble Park, and the rainforest garden visually connects both Kibble Park in the west and Rumbalara Reserve in the east, re-establishing habitat for native flora and fauna.

The re-design of Kibble Park removes unnecessary structures, and provides an elegant jacaranda-lined promenade and water features with a distinctly formal civic feel whilst providing an important connection from the south to the main shopping centre of Gosford.

The existing cascacde is re-interpreted to encourage people to interact with it, while helping to define space around the multipurpose performance stage. An ephemeral raingarden reinforces the importance of the park’s role in local stormwater management, capturing the stormwater runoff from the surrounding built environment. All major existing trees have been retained and reinforced with new plantings.

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