Gardeners Rd, Mascot

LocationMascot NSW
Client Meriton
Year 2016

Context was engaged to design this communal open space along with a podium level courtyard which will become an extension of the proposed courtyard design for the 1-5 Kent Road development. The proposed development for Gardeners Road is designed in conjunction to its adjoining site, 1-5 Kent Road, to transform an entire corner block into a cohesive residential development. This architectural amalgamation presents an important through site connection at ground level for residents and visitors. 

The landscape design vision for both ground and podium level open spaces is to create a high quality environment which is sympathetic to the projected needs of the resident users.

The landscape scheme extends the language and spatial sequence of the Kent Road design in order to create a consistent and cohesive communal landscape. In addition, the integration of a retail component to the Gardeners Road street frontage, called for the need to provide public amenity within the linear open space adjacent. The landscape response was to incorporate a public plaza which offers spill-out amenity of tables & chairs for the retail tenancy. Furthermore, a designated children’s play space is integrated into the communal open space at ground level while a more incidental play zone has been designed into the podium landscape.

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