Dexus, Rosebery

Location Rosebery, Sydney, NSW
Client Meriton 
Year 2015-2016

Context was engaged to design a variety of public domain, communal courtyards and rooftop gardens for a new mixed use development at Rosebery, working in collaboration with SJB Architects. The landscape design vision for the development is to create a high quality landscape that celebrates Rosebery’s industrial history while serving the recreation needs of residents.

The landscape proposal is designed to complement the architecture of the development while providing environmental amenity and a rich material palette reflecting the area’s heritage. Detailed design elements play with the historic past of the site as a workers’ neighbourhood with the use of simple materials such as brick, tiles, timber and weathered steel repeated throughout the communal areas.

A series of ground level communal private spaces with large lawn areas, edged with ornamental grasses and in part shaded by groves of native trees, provide amenity and connectivity throughout the development.Contemporary materials and plant palettes provide variety and differentiate the aesthetic of each space. These spaces are interspersed with public thoroughfares that promote connectivity to and through the development while reflecting the material palette of adjoining public domain spaces. Rooftop communal areas offer a more private recreation setting, providing recreation facilities including barbeques and outdoor dining.

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