Sancta Sophia College New Student Accommodation

Location Camperdown, NSW
Client Farrell Coyne Projects
Project Duration 2010 - 2011

CONTEXT in conjunction with Nettleton Tribe Architects were engaged to design new accommodation facilities for Sancta Sophia College on Parramatta Road.

The landscape Vision was to create a high quality, sustainable college landscape that recognises the specific requirements of the residents as well as addressing the site’s historic character.

The intent was to create a number of attractive, secure outdoor spaces which visually link the interior and exterior within a framework of boundary treatments that offer intermittent screening along perimeters.

The retention and protection of the heritage figs and other major trees on the site guided the building layout, creating a functional, protected courtyard environment.

The landscape design incorporated ESD principles by ensuring at least 50% of the site remained porous, using a combination of shrub beds, trees in mulched beds and a palette of hard materials that are permeable, such as brick paving on a sand bed and gravel in pathways and courtyard areas to maximise site water penetration.

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